Your Time and Attendance

Managing schedules, hours worked and time off is critical for payroll accuracy and compliance. Symplefy’s time & attendance solution makes it easier.

Automated employee time tracking allows you to get more done

Keeping track of time manually? Automated time and attendance software can reduce your manual — and error-prone — data entry and improve payroll accuracy. It can also increase productivity by ensuring the right people are where you need them every day.

Simple Time Tracking

Track your team’s hours the easy way:

The best part? Time tracking is integrated with Symplefy payroll, which means data flows automatically between time and attendance, leave management and payroll.

One place for employees to track their hours

With everything in Symplefy, your people only have one username and password to remember. Time tracking, pay stubs, and time off requests are just a click away.

Your employees can clock in and out from their account dashboard in real time.

Once hours are approved, your employee’s timesheet history is automatically saved – complete with easy-to-reference overtime rates.

The simplest way for managers to approve hours

A little teamwork can help a lot. Put managers in charge of approving their team’s hours before you submit to payroll.

No more wrangling spreadsheets. Tracked team hours are all instantly accessible in manager accounts.

No more follow-up or check-in emails. We’ll remind employees to enter hours and let managers know when they’re ready for review. Your team always stays in sync.

Admins instantly sync approved hours to payroll

Ready for a final review? Approved hours lock to avoid last minute changes and confusion.

We’ll automatically calculate overtime and store wage records to help you achieve compliance.

It doesn’t get much easier than syncing everyone’s hours to payroll with a single click.

The Symplefy Time & Attendance Difference

Smartphone and Tablet-Enabled

Employees enter their hours worked using a smart timeclock on our web timesheet, our app on a shared tablet or our mobile app on a personal mobile phone. Breaks, leave, holiday and other time are also collected directly from the employee.

The system then automatically calculates the totals and sends them to payroll, leaving you and your managers with little to do but monitor for exceptions, like missed punches, and make the necessary corrections. As a result of not having to go through every timecard you have more time to spend improving business operations and supporting customers.


Need to confirm attendance at work? Clocking in requires the employee to be on premises or at a specified location, i.e., home, hybrid workspace, etc. If not, then the employee cannot clock-in.

Fraud Prevention

Worried about fraud? Our time and attendance software also offers features to help prevent employees from abusing the system and costing you money. For example, our timeclock is linked to the employee’s phone and only that employee can clock time on that phone. It can stop people from clocking in and out on behalf of others – also known as “buddy punching.”

Geo-fencing ensures that those who are using our mobile clocking app are within a certain distance of a physical work location, and geo-pinning can mark precisely where they were when clocking, so you can see location violations.