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Small-to-Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs)

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Why Invest?

Higher Yields. Symplefy’s SME loans offers higher returns at risk-adjusted market-plus rates. Typical returns range from 9% to 20%.

Diversification. Symplefy’s SME loans allow you to spread your investments across sectors, tenures, and facilities. The risk of default on payment obligations will always be involved, but high liquidity and smaller investment sizes diversified across a range of loans and borrowers reduces that risk.

Less Volatility and Low Correlation. SME lending is relatively uncorrelated to the public markets due to the absolute returns earned from the repayment of loan facilities.

Better Liquidity. The SME lending asset class offers short-term liquidity as compared to other asset classes available due to its very nature. The tenure of a Symplefy SME loan is typically from 30 to 150 days.


How to Get Started

  1. Register online. Register now and upload your ID or Passport, and Proof of Address to get started.
  2. Deposit funds. Transfer a minimum of USD 50,000 via bank transfer.
  3. Select investment criteria. Consider the term, facility, individual loan maximum, industry, and interest rates that fit your risk appetite.
  4. Start earning. Allow loan(s) to mature and when payments are made, choose to withdraw your balance or automatically reinvest your funds.