Digital security is a big deal for businesses. According to the Heritage Foundation, the cost of cyber- attacks for companies is well over $15 million on average for each company attacked. This is no laughing matter. As such, you need to make sure you have the proper training protocols in place to show your employees how to secure your business. Below are six things you should make sure to include in such a training program.


1. Encryption

One of the only completely trustworthy methods for securing information is the use of encryption. Encryption is even more important now since a lot of company data is now stored in the cloud. While certain cloud hosting companies may claim to encrypt data, encrypting it before it reaches the cloud may be an even better idea.


2. E-Mail Security

Employees must absolutely be trained on how to properly receive, reply to and handle company e-mail. E-mail received on company servers should be scanned for hidden threats like viruses and Trojans.  It is also a good idea to train employees on how to avoid phishing scams. That way you can make sure that all of your workers know what to do in case of a scam or questionable email.


3. Network Access

To protect sensitive data, certain parts of your network should be off limits to individuals that do not have security clearance. As such, you should train employees on how maintain proper network access and what parts of the network they do have clearance for.


4. Data Backup

According to Microsoft, data loss costs companies nearly $1.7 trillion a year. Institute procedures for backing up all important data and train employees how to use those backup methods. If you don’t, even a simple lightning strike could cost your company millions of dollars in lost data.


5. Passwords

If you check a security awareness training guide, one large section is likely to concern passwords. Passwords are very important. They insure only employees with the proper clearance have access to the company network. Train employees on how to create strong passwords that can’t be cracked and how to insure that their passwords are never leaked to third parties.


6. Application Use

One common security mistake happens when employees implement applications on company computers that are unauthorized and have specific security vulnerabilities. Only certain applications should be deployed and used certain ways on company networks. Employees must be trained on this.

Overall, training employees is one of the most important steps to securing your network and company computers. Make sure you put a significant effort into creating a training program that is adequate enough to protect your company from harm.

Author Bio: Nidhi Raghuwanshi is a Passionate Digital Marketer & Analyst at SoftwareSuggest. She is an Adviser for clients to increase their business with help of Digital Marketing.