green-payroll-process-advantagesEvery business looks for ways to not only cut costs, but to generate savings through cost-effective procedures and tools.

There are a number of ways that any business will see savings when switching from a paper-based payroll process model to a green, or paperless, payroll system.

Better technology and increasing security risks are prompting HR departments to transition to paperless processes.


How Your Business Can Benefit With a Green Payroll Process

While saving money may top the list of your desired outcomes with green payroll, you will also save time, materials, and other tangible and intangible resources.

This infographic helps to illustrate the various benefits that can come from switching:


Additionally, there are process and security advantages to a paperless payroll process.  Using an online payroll system provides an easy to use integrated employment solution that is delivered directly to you from the cloud.

In addition to reducing the processing time typically required by a paper-based payroll process, you can provide your employees with direct 24/7 access to their own pay information. More time is thereby freed up to allow your staff to pursue other, revenue generating or supporting tasks.

This is great for you since you can simply concentrate on running your business, and doing your part to help the environment.

So “Go Green” today.